Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Solutions

Creating a seamless integration of aerial intelligence and everyday business operations


Aerial Maps & Models

Using the latest advances in Aerial Photogrammetry, we process data through our proprietary Geographic Information System (GIS). The prepared data sets allow our clients to create interactive queries, analyze spatial information and create precision products for their industry.

  • High resolution aerial data sets

  • Real-time insights

  • Secure access whether in the office or on the job site

  • Facilitates sharing across overlapping disciplines

  • Configured for viewing in client’s existing business software


Reduced Waste & Cost Overruns

The integration of Precision Aerial Data (PAD) into Building Information Models (BIM) increases the project managers control over cost and time. We specialize in large projects characterized by their complexity and capital demands.

  • Productive workforce / sub-contractor management

  • BIM software created ‘shared’ model for multi-discipline coordination

  • Assessments, Inspections, and Safety fully integrated in a system of record

  • Progress Tracking & Reporting


U2 = Unique Problems require Unique Solutions

Our veteran teams have tested and executed drone data capture since 1998 in some of the most demanding locations throughout the world. We remain at the forward edge of the advances in our industry through decades long relationships with software and hardware providers. We use our extensive experience to develop tailored solutions that are innovative and create valuable results for our clients.

  • Continuous Beta testing of emerging hardware & software

  • Expert integration of an array of sensors & platforms with non-disruptive Ground Control Points

  • Point Cloud data for quicker & more accurate survey & mapping

  • Our pilots fly manned aircraft in restricted airspace daily, providing potential for cost saving methods that others cannot provide


Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)

We specialize in partnering early with our clients from vision to execution. In the past we have worked in the contract proposal phase to collect and analyze data for competitive bids. Additionally, our Virtual Design Modeling reduces lost time and manpower costs for on-site visits.

  • Site selection & planning

  • Presentations for site/building approvals

  • Cut and fill analysis for cost and environmental impact

  • Dynamic model integration of Architect plans and actual site conditions


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